Puzzle Effects

About Puzzle Effects

Originally, Puzzle Effects was just a hobby: I wanted to build my own pedals, while reducing the number of cables on my pedalboard. Rather proud of my first working prototypes, I created an Instagram page in 2020 to post pictures of them. That’s how I got in touch with Jef from Gearnews, who was the first to write an article about Puzzle Effects. The article was quickly taken over by many other sites like Guitar World and Audiofanzine, suddenly giving me a lot of visibility. The overall positive feedback that followed made me reconsider the potential of the project, and decide to officially create a brand and sell my pedals.

So I turned to Rafik, known in the “DIY pedals” communities for the quality of his creations for his brand RG Electronics. Seduced by the idea, Rafik agreed to create original schematics especially for the occasion. Therefore, Puzzle Effects benefits from an innovative concept while inheriting the know-how of an experienced professional.


Project Timeline

2019 - The idea
2020 - Prototyping
2021 - First line
2022 - Kickstarter campaign