Puzzle Effects

About Puzzle Effects

With Puzzle Effects, we originally wanted to offer an atypical and ergonomic solution to common pedalboard problems. Our first models had the particularity of being able to fit together like puzzle pieces, which saved cables and space for the user while remaining compatible with other brands of pedals.

Despite good results and positive feedback from people who tried them, the high production costs and lack of interest in the project prevented the commercialization of these unusual pedals.

Proud of the work we had done and the effects we had in our hands, we wanted to release them at all costs. That’s why we’ve adapted them to the more classic rectangular shape.

We are looking to the future and will continue to design our effects with the same innovative vision that led us to launch our original system.

Puzzle Effects is the result of the friendship between Florian, inventor of the puzzle system and head of the company, and Rafik, pedal manufacturer known for the quality of his creations within his brand RG Electronics.